Pen-Based Mathematical Computing

Stephen M. Watt and Clare So
Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra
Department of Computer Science Middlesex College
The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
{watt, clare}@orcca.on.ca

Purpose of Session
With the wide-spread availability of Tablet PCs there is an oppotunity for a new paradigm of interface for popular mathematical software packages. The use of the pen to enter, edit, and manipulate mathematical expressions can lead to a qualitative improvement in the eas of use of computer algebra systems. The purpose of this session is to explore this area.

At ACA last year one of this session's organizers (Watt) gave an invited talk "Strategies for Pen-Based Computing", reflecting the direction that his research group was taking in this area.

A number of other groups, individuals and corporations have also been working on this problem. We know these people and would ask for their participation in the special session. These include:
  • Lothar Wenzel and group at xthink.com
  • Masakazu Suzuki and group at Kyushu
  • Richard Fateman and group at Berkeley
  • Werner Krandik and group at Drexel
  • George Labahn and group at Waterloo
  • our group at Western Ontario
I would also invite people I know in the related W3C working groups for MathML and InkML to participate.

I suspect that this session might attract people to attend who are interested, but not working in the area.

We would initially request 2 two hour blocks, with the possibility of adjusting this after feedback from the invitees.