General Session

Prof. Alkis Akritas (akritas@uth.gr)
Prof. Pletsch, George (bpletsch@tvi.edu)
Prof. Tateaki Sasaki (sasaki@math.tsukuba.ac.jp)
Prof. Matu-Tarow Noda (noda@cite.ehime-u.ac.jp).

Aim and Scope
If some of you wish to give your talk at ACA2005 but can't find appropriate organized sessions, please submit your extended abstract to the following e-mail address
before the end of May. After referring process, we will send you notification up to middle of June. If there are accepted several talks, we will add "General" session as one of the organized sessions.

List of Talks

  1. The Art of Symbolic Computation
    by Erich Kaltofen ( North Carolina State University, USA )


  2. Counting Young Group Double Cosets with Computer Algebra
    by Bill Pletsch ( Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute Alburquerque, New Mexico, USA )

  3. Rational approximants of formal power multivariate series
    by Christiane Hespel, Cyrille Martig ( IRISA-INSA, France

  4. A Unified Formula for Arbitrary Order Symbolic Derivatives and Integrals of The Power-Exponential Class
    by Mhenni M. Benghorbal ( Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada )

  5. Fist Order Algebraic Differential Equations -- A Computer Algebraic Approach
    by Yujie Ma ( Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P. R. China )

  6. On Computing Network Prestige
    by Wai-Ki CHING ( The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong )


  7. Math Authoring on xfy
    by Masaki Kume, Atsushi Miyamoto, Hiroshi Kai and Matu-Tarow Noda ( Ehime University, Ehime, Japan)