Computer Algebra in the Biological Sciences

Stanly Steinberg and Michael Wester

Aim and Scope
Mathematical modeling and particularly numerical simulation are playing an increasingly important role in the biological sciences. A reasonably comprehensive survey of computer algebra related articles published in this field was compiled recently:

Michael P. Barnett, ``Computer algebra in the life sciences'', _SIGSAM Bulletin_, Volume 36, Number 4, December 2002, 5--31 (available at http://www.princeton.edu/~allengrp/ms/annobib/cals.pdf).

This session will emphasize modeling that uses computer algebra techniques and educational uses of computer algebra in the biological sciences. This includes but is not limited to clinical medicine, bioengineering, public health issues, population dynamics, population and evolutionary genetics, physiology and related work on the behavior of cells, their substructures and organs, biochemical kinetics, molecular kinematics, and molecular and crystal structure.

List of Talks
  1. Symbolic-Numeric Optimization for Biochemical Models by Quantifier Elimination
    by Shigeo Orii (Fujitsu, Univ. Tokyo, Japan), Katsuhisa Horimoto (Univ. Tokyo, Japan) and Hirokazu Anai (Fujitsu Laboratolies, Japan)

  2. Molecular Loop Closure
    by Evangelos A. Coutsias and Michael J. Wester (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)